Services & Fees


I offer an obligation free consultation, for all people and couples who contact me either on the phone or in person. If you would like to arrange a time to meet, please send me an email or call directly on 0431-123-129. I am available to respond to any of your questions, to listen to what is important to you and will happily provide what you need.

I have performed many and varied ceremonies, from 4 people to 400,  from inner city venues to isolated and lush bush locations. I work with all couples who want to really enjoy the creation of their ceremony and in so doing, lay a great and dynamic foundation for their lives together. For more information and examples of how others have worked, please see my image gallery and testimonials.

In all my ceremonies  I adhere to the principles of Best Practice and as such, I offer you

A personable and professional tailor made process and ceremony

Completion of all legal requirements

I provide a top of the range sound system, signing table and chairs if needed

I am fully insured with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance

I am fully qualified and a member of recognised Celebrant and Professional Associations

i undertake yearly ongoing professional development

We are both protected by a contract, whose terms and conditions we adhere to.

I provide a clear pathway for you, should you need to make a complaint.


I offer real, authentic bespoke ceremonies for everyone I work with, in the full range of significant events we come to experience in our lives. To offer you the most flexible and transparent of processes, I work on a hourly rate of $150.00. Below are the starting ranges and guides for each of the ceremonies and processes I offer. Know that these are guides only, and if you like the sound of what is available, there is always the capacity to devise a process that fits your time and your budget. Don’t let price be a barrier to getting the best possible experience that lasts a lifetime.


I offer a rich and comprehensive process. I have done much work in crafting and honing the process I offer you as I know the daunting and busy pre-wedding lead up. However, I am here to make sure that your ceremony creation gets as much time as planning the events of your wedding.Your wedding ceremony begins once you engage a celebrant and resonates far beyond the day. Your ceremony is the most important, necessary and defining part of your wedding day and celebrations.

As a Marriage Celebrant, I offer you the best of my skills. I don’t take more than 2 bookings on any given day and so can really be present for you and your guests. I  offer two processes,

If I am working with you to write and craft your ceremony there are 10-14 hours of time, energy and skill invested.

If you are writing your ceremony, with my resources, assistance and guide then there is 6-9 hours involved.

A 100km round trip is included thereafter it’s $1 per km.Ceremonies outside of Sydney and additional costs are discussed on an individual basis. My fee is consciously structured so as to work within you means and your budget.

Marriage Ceremonies written and performed by Victoria begin at $1500.00
Ceremonies written by you, with resources, style documents and editorial support begin at $900.00
Ceremonies led by celebrants in training or family and friends, with my presence and attention to legals begin at $750.00

By way of contextualising what you are investing in, to marry at the Registry Office, which is simply a legal procedure of 10 mins with no input by you incurs a fee of $475.00.  By investing in a customised process and ceremony, you will reap the best possible returns for your marriage and your lives together.


As binding, full and rich as ceremonies for people who can legally marry, your Commitment Ceremony can truly be what you want it to be. There are many choices and ways you can express and affirm your love, commitment and union of hearts, minds and lives.

There is usually between 8-12 hours of work in the creation and delivery of a Commitment Ceremony.

Ceremonies begin at $1200.00


Again, there are many choices to make in re-affirming your vows. The ceremony can be a lavish or intimate event, or be woven into the fabric of a great party.

There is usually between 7-12 hours of work in the creation and delivery of a Renewal of Vows Ceremony.

Reaffirmation Ceremonies begin at $1050.00


These ceremonies can honor a birth, a first birthday, can be performed for siblings and even in adulthood. Again, they vary in length and preparation depending upon your needs.

there is usually between 6.5 and 10 hours of work, time and storytelling involved

Naming Ceremonies begin at $900.00


Creating and performing Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies are a key part of my practice and are vitally important to ‘get right’; to take the necessary time and care in crafting a process and ceremony that will honor those whose lives have ended and the love we have for them. Please see my Integrating End of Life and After Death Care page for more comprehensive information.

There is anywhere from 12 to 40 hours of time, skill, resources, hands on care, organisation and crafting involved if you are contacting me before the death has occurred or as the first point of contact before you call a Funeral Director.

If you require me to work as a Celebrant, to craft, write and deliver the ceremony,  and have made all other choices, then Funeral Ceremonies begin at $1800.00


For this service, the first consultation is $200.00 for 1.5 hrs and then sustainable personalised packages are negotiated.

If how I work is of interest to you and you’d like to arrange your no obligation meeting, I look forward to hearing from you.

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