Jamo’s Funeral

When Jameson died, suddenly, his family, his wife and community were devastated. It was a shocking and traumatic time that needed to speak directly to how deeply affected some nay people were by his death. The day after he died as the word spread, people gathered at the site of the accident. There were tears, embraces and an impromptu candlelight vigil. People brought flowers, notes, candles, incense, their cameras and most of all, their desire to come together around this loss and hold each other in this place of such vulnerability.
It was important that the process leading up to the funeral was led by his family and close friends. They wanted to know what choices they had, to keep his body cared for in a way that was right for him and to create a funeral ceremony in a place he loved. and then to fully celebrate him and to continue to gather and sit with the enormity of his death and the loss of his life and his presence in the lives of so many.

This community, well versed in taking the lead, has continued to celebrate, mourn, remember and love him in the days, months and years after his death. The intrinsic community building that the longer lead up time and powerful and inclusive funeral ceremony and wake allowed has held them all as they integrate the completion of Jameson’s life into the continuation of their own.

Images by Josh Raymond used with permission.

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