Ceremonial Consultations


For many people, engaging in a one on one ceremonial process that doesn’t necessarily involve a public outcome is a powerful way to respond to personal Rites of Passage or to continue to work with key events in our lives.

Creating and understanding the stories that we live by is an age old and transformative practice.

Many people have laid to rest past hurts, re-created funerals that they didn’t have the opportunity to attend or that went horribly wrong.

They have continued to revisit the ground of their marriage and commitment, as they travel through the full range of experiences that life has to offer.

Others haveĀ  farewelled relationships, houses, jobs and their beloved pets in simple ceremonies attended by a few family members or close friends, or even worked solo.

This practice is theraputic in its outcome and posits very directly that we do in fact have the resources and opportunities to respond to the challenges and adversities in our lives in ways that we can determine are right for us.

Please see my stories page, and testimonials for the experience of others who have discovered the possibilities in personalised one on one ceremonial consultations.

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