My name is Victoria Spence and I am a Consultant, Facilitator and Civil Celebrant. My practice aims to integrate the significant moments and transitions of your lives, to work and walk with you to bring ease, excitement and consciousness to your ceremony and life event.

I bring to my celebrant practice an extensive background in community cultural development and arts practice working across Sydney’s creative communities since 1988. The key difference about working as a celebrant and a performer, although the two require a similar set of skills, is that as a celebrant, the process of devising the ceremony, delivering the ceremony itself, and the day of the ceremony are about you. I understand this privilege completely and it is with great joy  that I work with people like yourselves who are celebrating and traversing the full  rich, complex,  joyful, at times, deeply sad and challenging, but and always necessary life passages.

I have a B.A in Theatre, Film and Philosophy from The University  of N.S.W

A Diploma in Marriage and Funeral and Life Passage Celebrancy from The International College of Celebrancy

I am a qualified Bereavement Support Worker – through the Bereavement Care Centre

I hold a Postgraduate Degree in Death, Dying and Palliative Care from the Dept of Education and Social Work at Sydney University.

I offer you a vast range of skills, especially listening to what is important to you and welcome the opportunity to meet and begin

For a recent article on my Celebrant and Ceremonial Practice, see this Dumbo Feather issue.

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